I Am Bismark

happy new year

goodbye 2007. hello 2008. it will be a year of changes, i can feel it.

i made some resolutions last year. how did i do?

  • “be a nice guy again.”

i think i did at least a decent job. see this. i will keep working on this.

  • “straight A’s.”

huh.. well. not quite. but i am happy with my grades still.

  • “bring sexy back.”


  • “less procrastinating.”

sigh… i will get around to it.

  • “find a hobby.”

i think i did pretty decently. at least i feel like i was much more involved this year that i have been in the past. i felt like i spent a lot more time out of the apartment for things other than school.

  • “fall in love.”


  • “have someone to kiss next news year eve.”

oh wow. no comment. puke

ok, so i did decently. i mean, not perfect, but i would say this year, post winter semester went a lot better. plus this was kind of an exciting year. i:

  • had a speaking part in a musical
  • went to japan
  • became a teaching assistant
  • secured an internship at intel and did all the prep for that
  • made a lot of new friends
  • went on quite a few dates with some awesome girls
  • was vindicated in my love for cho chang on multiple occasions

good times. this year appears to be building up for just as much excitement. i leave wisconsin tomorrow for sunny california to give myself a few days before i start the internship. i need to buy a car. unfortunately, i can’t move into the apartment (that i hope i have.. still no confirmed contract) until the 7th, the same day i start at intel, so thats fun. lots of adventures.

anyway, i guess i had better make some resolutions.

  • make everything i can out of this internship. learn a ton, experience a ton, make a ton, and enjoy a ton.
  • be more friendly and outgoing. i am moving to a new city and state where i know no one. i really want to make some good friends.
  • get in good shape. i have been away from the weight room for over a month now with sickness, finals, etc., and i can feel it. time to get back.
  • stop being afraid to fall in love. who knows if it will happen or not, but i at least want to allow myself to have it happen.

i like them. i think this year holds a lot of promise. i suppose those who read this blog might get a pretty negative view of my life at times, since i usually only blog when i am upset about something. but my life is good and i need to be grateful. thanks to all of you friends and family out there who read this that have helped me this last year, and i look forward to spending another great year with you all.

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