I Am Bismark

staying organized

i’ve been trying hard to get myself more organized. i am failing. pretty miserably.

being a computer geek, i thought that technology of course was the answer. i got a program called iGTD, widely proclaimed around the mac blogging community to be the best task/organizing software in existence. it just didn’t work for me.

i’ve tried lots of things in the past. physical planner books. PDAs (man i could go for some of that). etc. etc.

right now i just have a little program called xpad. it opens in one second after a click. i can write in whatever it is that i think of, and then it autosaves when i close it. not a bad deal. i have quite a few things in there right now. a wishlist of stuff i want (i already got to check one off! i ordered a new pair of headphones from amazon today!). a list of bands and a list of movies i want to check out. to dos for school, work, and personal things. it seems to do ok, but i worry about the inability it has to help me keep track of deadlines. i need something that will remind me when i need to do something by. there has to be a better method. any ideas?

i also decided i needed to start writing in a journal. so i got myself a program called journaler. seems to work really nice. i wonder if i will use it at the expense of this blog.

definitely ate too much tonight at macaroni grill. for as much as i love to eat, it amazes me how wimpy my digestive stomach really is. hurray for staying up till 3 am with an upset tummy.

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