I Am Bismark

life is good

damn good. this is not to brag. this is to help me be more grateful, something that I need to be doing a lot more of these days.

I am healthy, without any major medical issues ever in my life. I don’t take medication and I have no allergies. I have relatively good physical fitness. I work out in the weight room three times a week and have done so for just about two years straight. I don’t quite have the endurace levels I once had, but I did run a 6:45 mile the other day, after lifting weights and without pushing myself. I am financially sound. I am in a small amount of debt over my scooter, but I have a solid plan for having it paid off within the next year and a half. Currently I am in little to no debt because of school, and with the good possibility of government grants next semester, I should be in an even better position. I have a decently paying on-campus job. It requires some technical skill, and I get to play with computers all day long. I have a high GPA, allowing me to be a canidate for honors societies and dean’s lists. I see no indication of my grades going down, so I have a very good chance at getting into the graduate school of my choice to continue my studies. This should make me quite able to find a solid, decently paying career in the future. My family is stable and together. My parents show no signs of marital issues, and all of us stay close and in contact. I have a solid belief in my religious views, which brings me a sense of stability and meaning in my life. I am active in my church and recieve emotional and mental fulfillment through it. This summer I will be returning to Japan, a country, culture, and people that I love dearly. I get to spend approximately two months just learning and soaking up an amazing experience there.

Life is good. I have no right to complain about anything. Sure, I run into difficulties sometimes, but I can do hard things. It’s time for me to be less selfish and start giving more of what I have to others.

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