I Am Bismark


my favorite jeans have a hole in them. they got worn through right under the back right pocket. i noticed the spot a few weeks ago, and to my dismay as i was throwing them in the washer tonight, i saw right through them…

i ask a few friends for advice, as i am not very skilled in these sort of things. tangerine sent me a few websites, which inspired the homemaker inside of me. i cut the pocket out of an old worn out pair of jeans, and i started sowing. yes, i sowed! i realized after the first edge of the patch was done that i was totally off center of the hole, but it appears to still be covered. it took me about an hour and 30 minutes to put in a square inch patch. i was quite careful to only take up a few threads on the jeans, so there are only a couple of spots on the outside that look like there is a patch… all in all, i am pretty proud of myself.

nevertheless, i am 100% positive the patch will fall out the next time i wash them. do any of my faithful readers have skills in this extremely esoteric field? i would be forever grateful to anyone who would assist me in this endeavor. i am sure we could work out some sort of payment plan. perhaps i could cook you curry (once again, the only thing i can cook decently it appears..)?

i’m tired again. one of these days i know i will get to be on time..

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