I Am Bismark

welcome to provo

first day back in provo. went back to work. woo. i went for a run tonight. it felt really good. just a 3+ miles.. nothing big. time to get rid of those mission-esque love handles that started sneaking back over the break…

i found myself throwing up my outside arm for leverage, lowering my head, and surging through a tight corner… gosh… no better way to break someones will than by suddenly being three steps further ahead of him once he gets around the corner.. i loved racing…

ITOTD (interesting thing of the day): lately i have had a lot of street lamps just suddenly turn off while i was walking/running under them. at least 5 or 6 in the past month or so. weird, huh? i have a few theories:

  1. i am such a cheery and bright person so my glowing personality makes the lamp think its daytime.
  2. i am surrounded by an aura of evil darkness that drowns out all light.

the second one sounds pretty cool actually. all will succumb my evil aura of darkness!

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