I Am Bismark

just another manic monday

i am excited to move into my new apartment building. this place has been full of too much crap. yeah, so maybe i brought a lot of it on me with the whole making out with three different girls in one weekend (can anyone say rebound?) but still, a fresh start will be nice. i am pretty sure i will do a lot better in this new place. i am a bit worried about meeting too many freshman girls though, and everyone knows that freshman girls are not a good thing to get mixed up with. too much of that here at the villa also.

i am pretty sure i am a nice guy. i’ve yelled at girls a few times, but i think they deserved it when i did. i’ve never hit one and i would hate myself forever if i ever did. i think there is a girl out there who will actually respect that fact in me, and respect the fact that i care about her feelings more than anything else. just finding her without getting too discouraged along the way is the tricky part.

this week is finals. and once again, i could not care less. i just don’t understand the fuss. if you did your work during the semester, a final really isn’t going to change a whole lot. i will do my token studying for each test i suppose. and i will get straight A’s again, without anyone giving a crap. whatever. i don’t get all that excited, but i know i would be pissed if i didn’t get the As, so it is better that way.

people are starting to come back this week. that is a good thing, because i am hella bored way too often. i find myself in the weight room trying to take up more and more time. that has left me pretty sore, but maybe i will actually gain some mass for once.

that is all.

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