I Am Bismark

harry potter is an idiot

man, cho chang is so much better than ginny weasely.

for one thing, she is asian. asian girls are much hotter than red heads. the first time harry saw her, he was totally stricken by her beauty, unlike when he first saw the annoying little brat that is ron’s little sister.

also, she obviously must be quite the prize girl, because even a dude from a different school was going after her (until he died). ginny is so bland that she just gets passed around by the local yokels.

she gave harry his first kiss. that has to mean something at least.

i don’t think harry ever gave her a chance. i mean, obviously someone is going to have a few emotional breakdowns for awhile after her boyfriend is killed by an evil wizard. harry should have been there to comfort her and help her, instead of just being turned off. and then harry just sort of blew her off when she was trying to defend her friend for betraying the DA. sure, the friend was probably in the wrong, but at least cho had the guts to defend a close friend. harry should have seen her integrity and tried to work out the dispute in a mature way. instead, he just blew her off and got all involved with looking for prophecies and what not.

it is obvious that cho still has feelings about the relationship, or she wouldn’t get so embarrassed every time she sees harry. he needs to be a man and go up and talk to her about it and straighten things out. she is such a babe, so he would be doing himself a favor.

and, his and her relationship was just so much more interesting. i actually was kind of excited for him when they first started hooking up. but him and ginny was just horribly bland. i didn’t even feel happy for harry when they first kissed. i thought the whole thing was just lame.

therefore, everyone should agree with me and write letters to JK Rowling demanding that cho chang be written back into the story in the 7th book, possibly with a 7 book sequel series about harry’s and cho’s adventures together and about their awesome children. and half-asian babies are always so cute…

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