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wut. Baraboo gets a shoutout in this week’s The Incomparable. still in shock.

I thought finals sucked when I was the student. Much worse as the husband trying to support his wife through finals.

“late at night we have fewer workers so let’s increase resource contention by shutting down self service lanes”

– Safeway

@try { [moc save:&err]; }
@catch (NSException *e){}
"*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSObjectInaccessibleException'"


Why dont text editors or browsers allow you to scroll all text to the top of the screen? I hate moving my eyes down at the end of a file.

TIL NSIndexPath cannot be used as a key in an NSDictionary… derp

A smuggler shoots and kills a bounty hunter. After a lengthy trial he is acquitted due to contradictory accounts of who shot first.

– Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) December 17, 2013

It’s a Christmas miracle: I found a stack of Vanilla Reloads!

Every time I merge a branch the pbxproj has a conflict so I have to close and reopen the project in Xcode. Annoying.

Feeling pretty good about myself while eating this organic sustainable artisanal Whole Foods Lucky Charms ripoff.

Hotline Miami EP by Jasper Byrne

I think I just melted Embody chair with a space heater…

Without a REPL, exploratory programming is so slow.

One thing I miss while working on iOS: the ability to dive in to a framework’s code to clarify my understanding when the docs are lacking.

“CoreData: error: Mutating a managed object after it has been removed from its context.”


“Hmm, this Core Data save on the main thread is slow, let’s give it a private queue parent.”

Running time on main thread goes up 50ms.


If every meal had bacon in it we would never need cooking oil. It’s built right in!

Avg ping roundtrip to home router:

Wife’s 2011 Macbook Air 10.8.5: 6ms, 0% loss

My 2013 Macbook Air 10.9: 35ms, 15% loss


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