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If the cell needs data from multiple models I lose the simplicity of a single call and the model->view code spreads across multiple classes.

But the cell class knows more about how that model data should be used (ex: two cell types, one displays the model’s image, the other not).

Should a tableview controller know about mapping a model to a tableviewcell? I feel weird with the model->view glue code in the cell class.

Doctor Who viewing is not complete until I listen to The Incomparable.

welp, grabbed 50% off mistake fares to Barcelona (for us) and Dublin (for sister) for spring break… Hoping United honors the tickets…

Tickets purchased to see The Day of the Doctor.

The lack of visibleHeaderFooterViews method on UITableView is an oversight. (indexPathsForVisibleRows only works if all sections have rows).

CGSize size = [view sizeThatFits:frame.size];
NSLog(@"%@", NSStringFromCGSize(size));
{1.7014117e+38, 3.4028235e+38}

Cool story bro.

A prototype military robot is struck by lightning. It is processed in accordance with Federal E-Waste Disposal guidelines.

– Hard Sci-Fi Movies (@HardSciFiMovies) November 1, 2013

Boom, flights to Japan and South Korea next August are booked.

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