I Am Bismark


Mexico: 3
My gut: 0

Someday I will win this battle.

Paid upgrades in the app store would be a good way to allow indie developers to continue monetizing their products. Please let me pay more.

That movie needed more Bane and fewer close ups of people’s faces talking back and forth.

saying goodbye to Mariam for a week.. longest we have been apart since we got married :(

Japanese study buddy from school is visiting SF today. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten all of my 日本語. I’m gonna be a terrible tour guide.

had my precious bodily fluids sapped from me today by the redcross

Tiffany lamp collection @ The House on the Rock

the world’s largest carousel @ The House on the Rock

one of the many crazy music machines at The House on the Rock

Heat index of 108 degrees, trying to fry an egg on the manhole cover. Amercia!

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