I Am Bismark


Once you hit that fifth nested for loop, you start to realize this refactor could really use a refactor.

this is startup weather: no guilt for staying indoors for 14 hours straight when it is cold and foggy.

Edge - Sweet Music from the Game by Romain Gauthier

Saturday evening coding soundtrack.

I’m hearing word that our iOS app was well received at the WWDC labs… Pressure is on the wrap up server stability and hardening.

It really bothers me that trailing commas are not valid JSON.

Glad I have 1Password. quick search revealed my LinkedIn password was one that I had shared w/ an insurance site login… both changed.

Quick Poll:

  1. Using iPhone on the toilet: yay/nay?
  2. Using iPad on the toilet: yay/nay?
  3. Using laptop on the toilet: yay/nay?

Startup life: fixing production critical bugs on a live server from your iPad during the middle of Sunday school.

I’d forgotten apple sauce exists. This stuff if pretty great!

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