I Am Bismark


Boo, Google+ doesn’t work w/ my Google Apps account.

Return of the King. Catch you all on the flip side.

Two cereal bowl morning. I think my productivity so far justifies it.

It’s amazing what a full night’s sleep and some exercise can do. Not sure why I don’t do this more often.

Greyscale Blocks

Decided to stick w/ original Game Boy colors for simplicity. Not super happy with lighting just yet but it’s better than the first set.


Just spent way too long making this… creating stuff is just too much fun sometimes.

I hope to use these as building blocks for a big piece of pixel art soon.

So tired I screwed up my Airplane! quote two tweets back.. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking soda.

Got called at 1 AM about a production issue that was reducing revenue. It’s been a long day. Ending up not even being our stuff that broke.

Looks like I picked a bad week to stop drinking soda.

An 80 degree day in June?! What is this, [any other place in the country]??

Biscuits and gravy but no sign of the promised hash browns?? RAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEE

Honestly I am quite bitter than I can no longer use ⌃⎋ for my Textmate gear menu shortcut. (No idea why, it’s getting stolen by something.)

That was good. Looking forward to the next two since I never got to see them in the theater.

Everyone at WWDC keeps tweeting about waiting in lines to get in local neighborhoods. Takes me a second each time I see it…

Writing the test harness was more work than writing the original code…

So.. is Twitter auth available as a system service for apps? This is relevant to my interests.

Scumbag rain:

Forces you to take awkward umbrella to work.

Stops as soon as you get there.

Using Mariam’s white and baby blue polka dot umbrella today.


Finally figured out how to view the XKCD tooltip text in the iPhone Reeder app. Just leveled up MY LIFE.

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