I Am Bismark


Finishing my vacation with three fresh churros rellenos (chocolate, leche, and caramel). It just might kill me bit it’s so worth it.

Achievement unlocked: Leveled up to senior software engineer.

Next time we will avoid the cream sauce. Ah Mexico…

One year married to my awesome wife (technically yesterday but I was sick). Looking forward to many more.

why do papayas even straight off the tree taste like they are rotten?

Cut open a coconut with a machete. Drank the coconut milk. Woke up the next morning with a gut ache. Like a boss.

Trying to cleanup an old WinXP box for parents-in-law reminds me why I will forever be a Mac user…

1.0 is in pre-production and all bugs are regressed. Pushing it out to the world is one click away. Time to leave on a two week vacation.

satellite feed came through, ended up with a perfect amount of pizza.

ordered 20 pizzas for LDSConf tonight and the satellite feed still is failing. looks like people are filtering out.. anyone want pizza?

so far today: bacon, sausage, pulled BBQ pork, babyback ribs. all piggy-d out.

vegan diet was a joke, today is pork-a-palooza.

Our apartment gets and stays really hot on days like today. Makes it hard to sleep when I am used to the opposite…

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