I Am Bismark


iPhone 4 w/ bumper gives a calming rubber thud when set down instead of the scary glass clank when naked. I think I will keep it on for now.

Only thing that could make Friday breakfast at work better would be real piggy bacon.

awesome lunch today: fried chicken, mac + cheese, fried okra, corn bread, watermelon, peach cobbler. it’s summer in SF!

it’s crazy what we take for granted when we have them: beds, chairs, waste baskets, the Internet, wash clothes, hangers…

I think this is the first time this summer I have left home without a hoodie.

Oh, well, since it’s so catchy, I guess they have convinced me… sigh.

Koingo Software, don’t spam me please. You say the email is not an ad, but of course, it ends up being an ad. Lame.

Just signed a lease for an apartment. Love the location: 20 min walk to work, 2 blocks from BART and Muni. Quite small but it’s all we need.

AT&T must have improved something. I never used to get 3G on BART in Oakland.

went to one of the few (~5) existing branches of my mostly online credit union today in Oakland. felt surreal.

How you know you are way too tired

This is my team last night after a few weeks of pushing hard to launch our product:

Going crazy


Moved out of old apartment, still don’t have a place to move in to. Crashing at Amy Jo’s place while they are in Hawaii for now.

It’s 12:30 and I already need something for my headache. I suppose that’s what happens when I have to work on Saturday.

hoping to get out of new employee orientation on Monday since we are launching on Tuesday.

I am going to throw my support into the Kindle camp. I hate having to buy DRM’d stuff in case I decide I want to switch, but such is life.


Moving companies seem absolutely unable to provide quotes without providing an email address. Obnoxious.

Team at Zynga wants to keep me around. Made an offer we decided we couldn’t refuse, so we are staying in SF. First real job. :)

why can’t we be friends? why can’t we be friends? why can’t we be friends? why can’t we be friends? why can’t we be friends? why can’t we be

ground zero mosque is the biggest win in the “war on terror”: religious freedom and pluralism defeating religious (christianist) radicals.

Now every time I feel the ground shaking I’m going to think “That’s the kick!”

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