I Am Bismark


perfect day in Santa Cruz. A+++++ would come again.

45 minute bus ride to the closest church building..

seems like a dead zone right along the second and third row of apps… can’t hit send in the text messaging app..

iPhone touch screen seems to have stopped registering swipes. Hmm.

Bad movie night with Amy Jo, Charlie, and Mariam: Innerspace. I used to love that movie. Now I Wanna see Harry and the Hendersons..

shaved an hour off my commute. if I coordinate bus schedules probably can get it even shorter. definitely worth it.

I seem to be the only sucker who paid to get on the Muni bus. Not sure what I’m missing…

day two of the graduation.. I’m a nice brother.

at Amy Jo’s graduation at SFSU. beautiful day.

note to self: SFO BART doesn’t take cards for adding fare.. lost $.50 :(

heading to SFO to pick up my wife… not into the whole being apart thing.

ok found out which team i’m going to be on. we are working on [REDACTED]. should be fun.

hmm. these $1400 chairs they give us at work are really nice… amazon wishlist time?

Trainer says that there might be hope for getting a Mac from IT since most people get a choice. Hope that that includes interns…

Multiple warnings about gaining the “Zynga 15” from the free lunch, dinner, snacks, etc…

“Do not gift virtual goods to friends.” Sorry guys, no free pigs..

free massage, haircuts, lunch, gym membership… I can handle this.

filling out new employee forms… Yay for free food.

first day of commuting to work in the city. wish I had my rain jacket.

Ramen in San Mateo with big sis. Now to go crash in Concord.

Now in San Francisco BTW. First day of internship is Monday. Haven’t even gotten a chance to think that far ahead yet.

Thanks American Airlines stewardess for snagging me some nuts from first class and reminding me that not everyone wants to screw me over.

using one of the restaurant giftcards we got as a wedding present. why do “American” restaurants mix “Chinese” and “Mexican”? Wonton Tacos?

Sears, if I have to be the one who finds out why the delivery never showed up today, do you really think I want a gift card for your store?

Hmm, won’t give me a cash refund for screwing me over and then they hung up on me. Do we have a winner?

Sears is about to lose a customer for life. Let’s see if they can pull things off or not.

guy smells like alcohol and was driving a Lexus.

just got rearended. everyone is fine, car is kinda jacked up.

First video of our “working” iPhone game. Sorry for the blurriness, it was shot with my mom’s Flip camera.

lost my iPhone earbuds… looks like I need that pair of $140 noise cancelling Etymotics, amiright? “if i were a rich man…”

Jerks who go back on their verbal agreements are jerks. Stuck without a subletter now since I told everyone else it was already taken.

can I justify spending $300 on a new iPod to test out my project due in two days?

In case anyone wants to know: “monkey” and “banana}wi6” have equivalent CRC32. Took 12 minutes using our AppEngine hack… hah

Today’s project presentation: I got married so please have mercy and Google AppEngine is a terrible platform for this application.

CES Fireside: Bishop Burton still uses Mapquest? He is old.

it’s 4 am and there is still banging around and a little girls voice coming from the upstairs apartment. what the horror film plot??

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