I Am Bismark


really getting annoyed with all of the “facebook shouldn’t blah blah petition” groups. get a life people.

thinking everyone is too obsessed with the new feed thingy and that they need to get lives outside of facebook.

addition to my last note..

i think facebook does need to do a bit of tweaking with this new system though. we should have power over what gets broadcast, to whom it gets broadcast to, etc. it was quite a drastic move on their part, and without any field testing, i think it was a bit silly of them also. there are good things to the system, but it needs work.

the new facebook

my feelings:

at first, i was a bit surprised. i mean, that is a ton of information that they are throwing out there for us to see. i was worried about stalkers, losing privacy, etc etc, just as everyone was i am sure.

but then i got to thinking about it. everything we do on facebook is public to our friends anyway. if you have someone one your friends list you don’t want to be seeing what you have done, well then why are they on your friend’s list? if someone is stalking you, they will have already been watching everything listed on the news feed.

once again, here in the information age, we have a conflict of accesibility vs privacy. we have the exact same problem with google. we need to realize that things we publish on the world wide web are not private. the purpose of facebook is to share personal information with our friends. if you dont want people to see it, dont put it up. the news feed adds a great deal of simplicity to keeping up to date with your friends. maybe now people will learn that adding every random personal possible defeats the purpose of facebook. only keep your real friends on here, and use it to stay up to date and to improve your off-the-net social life.

totally depressed that he lost his ride to the mae concert tonight…

joking about stalking people with the new news feed thingy and is now clarifying that fact because he doesn’t want people to wonder about him.

now much more efficiently stalking people with the new facebook news feed.


straight A’s as predicted and once again on the dean’s list. and no one cares. yawn.

my new ward seems pretty lame. attractive women seem to be at an all time low. i am banking in on the fact that the english learning center doesn’t start until a week later, so all of the foreign (ie asian) girls have yet to move in.

i slacked off hardcore for these past two weeks. i feel flabby and lazy. classes are at 9 am tomorrow, so it should be good to get back into a groove. and weight lifting again will feel wonderful.

some people are so silly. freshman girls continue to amaze me at their inability to express themselves or even attempt at some sort of rational explanation for their actions. i think from now on i will just smile, nod, and back away slowly. i deleted some phone numbers from my phone over the weekend.

i made pancakes today for my friends. i think i did a pretty dang good job at feeding 6 people. and the pancakes were rather tasty in my humble opinion.

the weather is still too hot during the day. i wanna wear sweaters again!

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