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Ryan Explains His Tweets #627246934466654208

Sometimes I tweet things that I think are Pure Gold™ and they just get ignored. So perhaps I should explain them more.

In The Loop 2: Rogue Nation

— July 31, 2015

Ok, so I posted this right after seeing the latest Mission Impossible. If you have not seen it, the tweet will make no sense.

If you have not seen the movie In The Loop, the tweet will still make no sense. (I do recommend the movie, though only if you can handle an extra large dose of profanity).

In The Loop follows Simon Foster, a bumbling British MP, played by Tom Hollander, who also plays the Prime Minister of the UK in Mission Impossible. When I saw him on screen, I chuckled to myself imagining Simon Foster, post In The Loop, making his way to the top of the British government inevitably to to be tranquilized by Tom Cruise.

And now that I’ve explained the joke, it is not funny at all.

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