I Am Bismark

nostalgia (not office supplies related)

my amazon gift card balance has been going down quite quickly lately. in addition to stuffed animal versions of love songs, i have been buying a lot of cds. mostly just filling in long time gaps in my music collections, albums i’ve been saying i need to buy for years. hopefully by next week i will have the entire pre-1998 discography of they might be giants. so. many. memories. i guess its hard for there not to be since they were basically the only band i listened to from age 10 to 14. laughing hysterically at tiny toons clips, finally discovering the album with the song particle man upstairs in that old house on 7th avenue, singing to myself in the back of the minivan, making mixtapes during the random utah roadtrip, requesting songs at church dances and being the only people dancing.. and finally going into freshman year having lost my only good friend. i spent the summer playing starcraft during the day and at night running exactly twelve laps around the high school track in order to get my 100 miles in over the summer just to get my tie dye hot miles club tshirt.. why in the world did i trade that away? anyway.. first week of cross country practice, we were sitting on the stage waiting for coach to show up and i was humming dr. worm to myself. one of the seniors sitting near me overheard and asked me if i liked they might be giants. i said i did and he thought that was really cool. that led to me being befriended by all the older guys on the team, and most of my good friendships from high school can be directly traced to that day and humming that song. so.. eclectic alternative music nostalgia?

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