I Am Bismark

scooter woes

parked my scooter in my friend’s parking lot while i was in japan. apparently it got hit. there was a note left in the apartment complex’s office with the girl’s name and email address. i contacted her (sara), and she said she was just in provo a few days. sara had met some dude named marco, and she was driving his car for some reason when she hit mine. she doesn’t have car insurance. marco was a real jerk, so she didn’t get any contact info once she left provo. she was now in las vegas looking for a job, so she had no phone or home address. idiotic. so, i braced myself to have to pay for the insurance deductible. once i got back to utah, i took the scooter in to Escape Motorsports of Provo UT and contacted the insurance company. the damage was around $800, but the one good news that i got during this entire episode was that the deductible was only going to be $50. this was on june 28th, and they told me i would get my scooter back on july 13th. that seemed like a long way away, but i figured i could survive by walking, using the bus, and just avoiding any dates that required transportation. well, now its july 20th, and i am still waiting. i called Escape Motorsports on the 13th wondering why i hadn’t gotten any contact, and they told me that they were still waiting on some of the parts. i called again today, and they said that now they had the parts but still needed to do the work. he said that he put the scooter on the queue to be fixed when i called. i wonder how long i would have waited if i hadn’t called. i am just really glad that i can’t ride my scooter during the time of the year that i would like to be riding it the most. frustration.

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