I Am Bismark

independence day

had a good 4th. slept in till 8. then a couple of us went to the park, fried up some bacon and french toast, and had an enjoyable brunch. we got home around 12, so we went and checked times to see transformers. the only show with tickets was at 12:25, so we boogied over to the theater and grabbed front row seats. i enjoyed the movie. cheesy jokes, yet i still laughed. the girl was hot. the transformer fights were sweet. best “summer blockbuster” i have seen in a long time. went back to my apartment to go to the ward pool party. some of the guys in the ward apparently have formed a cover band. nothing special, but i laughed when they censored the word “suck” and said “stink” instead. only at byu…. elder davis' zone was having a bbq, so went and saw him. it was good to see my old roomie, and it sounds like he is loving his mission despite the initial worries of being called to provo. good kid. then i went hiking with my roommate and some people from the ward up to the Y and we watched the stadium of fire fireworks from there. that was fun. good day.

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