I Am Bismark

our lips can touch, our cheeks can brush

i’m doing good. i feel good. things are good.

friday was rough as you could tell from the post. that was for a number of reasons. but the rest of the weekend went a lot better. i enjoyed myself.

the play is coming along well. i know my lines, i can do most of the dances (the polka still eludes me…), and i am finding i can actually sing most of the songs decently… wow. we open this friday, and run until march 10th. we are performing monday, friday, and saturday nights for all of those weeks, so none of you have any excuse not to be there.

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i can be cynical sometimes, but sometimes i realize that my life really is too good for that. i don’t have the right to complain about anything, whether it be girls, my nerdiness, or the lack of decent japanese restaurants in provo. i would like to sleep more, but hey, isn’t this what college is all about? i’m a lucky guy. thanks to all of you out there who have helped me get here.

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