I Am Bismark


Worst part of glass backed iPhones is your six month old just stops the cute you’re trying to take a picture of to stare at herself in the reflection.

Hiding broccoli inside other food should be an Olympic sport because I would win gold.

Every time I deal with this country’s healthcare rent-seeking bureaucracy and compare it to our experience with the socialized NHS, I can’t wait to vote for someone next year who will burn it all to the ground. Please take away my employer sponsored healthcare!

TFW your downstairs neighbor has worse taste in music than your toddler.

Why can’t you rate your fellow Uber pool riders? 🤔

That sinking feeling when the @sfmta_muni N line crests the hill and it’s a new train. I suppose at least there is the entertainment value of watching 3 people try to fit in to 2.5 seats.

Obnoxious when candidates deflect the debate question by ranting about Trump being racist. Ok, so water is wet, but why should I vote for you?

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