I Am Bismark


Nothing makes me feel more unpatriotic than dealing with US healthcare. I would gladly pay 40% taxes (like we did in the UK) to never see a bill or care about deductibles, premiums, open/special enrollment, FSA, in/out-of-network, etc, etc, etc… Such a waste of time and energy.

QoL purchases I’ve never regretted: velcro cable ties and blue IKEA bags.

@sfmta_muni Exactly enough space for 2.5 people to sit (and there’s always that person who tries fitting in that .5), whiplash every time it starts moving, and today while stopped to whole car just jerked up and down almost knocking everyone over.

😞TFW you realize the next train is one of the new horrible @sfmta_muni trains. 😞

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