I Am Bismark


Aaaand time to get ear plugs so I can sleep tonight.

Maybe I am just a curmudgeon but I hate dressing up for Halloween. Too much effort just to waste on single use clothing.

Let me just say, I’m very glad to finally be done with the Ninth Doctor. Fantastic!

ok it wasn’t that bad, he did at least get the directions right… move along, move along.

Taken 2 in a nutshell:

Setting: Istanbul
Liam Neeson: “On the east side is Europe and on the west is Asia.”
Daughter: “Wow dad, how do you know all of this stuff?”

Not sure how you can call yourself a pie place while not having pumpkin pie during the middle of October.

Finding a pumpkin milkshake is quite high on my priority list.

PeeWee’s Big Adventure at Castro Theater with the crew. Good times.

Now that I can do it from my phone in style, I should start posting about my lunches! Catheads BBQ FTW!

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