I Am Bismark


in sacrament meeting. the first speaker used the whiteboard here in the lecture hall. i was amused.

Eating bajios… Wanted cafe rio but the line was too long :(

BYU won, but that was a definite failure at their quest for perfection.

Watching the Cougars play. They are doing so so. 14-3

Getting back into Provo life. Busy day of moving, shopping, and football games. Happy with 3G reception so far.

made it. no longer interested in driving. relaxing in my parents hotel room.

Food stop. The arbys in elko is one classy establishment.

Car is packed, apartment is clean, California adventure is about to come to an end. So not pumped for this desert trek.

desk is clean, exit interview is done (rated “outstanding”), and i’m formatting my laptop.

last day at work… cleaning out my cube, wrapping up projects, sending out goodbye emails…

checked out from work… not a good thing with two and a half days to go.

has never laughed at a single toothpaste for dinner comic. dinosaur comics trumps all.

Had a long day, driving to concord and back and just got back from a fireside. Not excited for one more week of work…

Regretting eating two deep fried oreos… I think one is enough for a lifetime.

Anyway if you’re asking for my passwords they’re all “ryaniscool” now.

back from the run that ended up being more of a walk with lots of thinking.

my lines of code are now part of the winXP poulsbo graphics driver.

getting ready to check in code for the first time!

ryan the terrible blogger

smoking woman

just posting something so you all know i am still alive.

thank you to the second att cs rep who i spoke to who knew exactly how to get me the unlock code.

so much for my lauding at&t’s service last night. i just want a sim unlock code!

Awake, need to get back into my morning run routine in order to get me out of bed quicker!!

Out watching the meteor shower off of sloughhouse.

Verbal: 570 (eek), Quantitative: 790 (happy dance)

feeling a bit overwhelmed by hardware tnl, gre vocab, and job offers.

Intrigued by the copy of skymall in the bathroom at work.

Enjoyed the run. Feeling good and awake for work.

ryan the leper


the sunburn on my leg is starting to peel finally. its really itching.. i will spare you with the photo of the actual leg and just provide this pic of hunks of skin that have come off so far.

Waking up.. Going out running, then fox and goose for nredkfasy [sic].

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