I Am Bismark


vacationing. thus being unproductive in any way, shape, or form.

you say goodbye and i say hello

for those of you who don’t know already, i have taken an internship with the intel corporation in folsom california. i will be there for 8 months, from january until august, after which i will come back to provo to finish up my last year of school. i am trรจs excited and nervous about it. plus i still have to finish 4 more finals and pack/ship everything in the next 4 days. fun!

in memorial of deseret towers

freshman year story time. kids used to make out in the lobbies of DT… A LOT. it was a bit obnoxious, so a couple of buddies and i made a group on facebook called the anti-making out in DT lobbies league. we were pretty proud of it, and a ton of people joined. i even heard some other kids sitting in the cafeteria trying to make fun of us in order to justify their PDAs or something. anyway, one night we decided to make a stand. i typed up the following sign.


after going to the creamery and buying milk and licorice (i don’t know what that has to do with the story, i just know that we were carrying it around), we made our way around all of the lobbies of the complex and posted on of these signs in them. we got a number of dirty looks, especially from the making out couple that we posted the sign right above. it was all grand fun. the next morning the sign was gone from our lobby, but to our great delight, one of the signs stayed up for almost a week!

gratitude 2

ok, so, its late. but, i figure this way its not all cliche being on thanksgiving. maybe it means something more. so, without further ado, things i am grateful for:

  • sappy blogs
  • blankets
  • laptops
  • nighttime
  • heaters
  • pizza
  • old memories
  • being awkward
  • running
  • kissing
  • crushes
  • ramen
  • siblings
  • parents
  • light bulbs
  • jeans
  • toothpaste
  • job offers
  • exit row seats
  • helmets
  • japan
  • nice smelling girls
  • caches
  • ieee 802.11
  • music
  • headphones
  • clean socks
  • toilet paper
  • skipping class
  • A’s
  • annoying polisci readings
  • weight rooms
  • excedrin
  • laser tag
  • big dogs
  • old friends
  • new friends
  • humbling experiences
  • procrastination
  • distractions
  • scarlett johansson
  • God
  • industrial revolution
  • gummi bears
  • orange juice
  • sleeping in
  • saturdays
  • sunny days
  • dinosaur comics
  • sandals
  • staying up past midnight
  • cold medicine
  • dark hair
  • life

something big is happening in january

see if you can guess.

“We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1

California here we come
Right back where we started from

Hustlers grab your guns
Your shadow weighs a ton
Driving down the 101

California here we come
Right back where we started from

Here we come!

On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing’s gonna stop me now

California here we come
Right back where we started from

Pedal to the floor
Thinkin' of the roar
Gotta get us to the show

California here we come
Right back where we started from

Here we come!”

-Phantom Planet

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