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peace rally

i took part in the peace rally yesterday. it went pretty well. we had a good number of people honking their horns in support of peace, and amazingly some people who were against our message. one line i heard a couple of times was “support the first presidency!” i said to the guy next to me that the first presidency acts as authorized representatives of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, so it would sure seem like taking part in a BYU sanctioned rally promoting world wide peace is definitely in support of the first presidency’s mission.

my favorite event of the day: two girls were stopped at the traffic light, and they were obviously antagonistic to our message. the first one yelled “my brother is in the army” and “you are not americans!” but the other girl’s proclamation was the best. i am pretty sure she was talking about the vice president, but i will let the reader decide. she yelled, “i love dick!”

3 am english papers

a quote from my paper:

“Since the article’s topic is that of an asexual electrical circuit, the authors avoid any sexist language by merely refraining from personifying their design. Additionally, this lack of personification assists in giving the paper a more professional tone.”

seriously, has there ever been a greater exercise in futility?

coming home from the mae concert and realizing that he should have started studying earlier.

going to be in japan in a week and a half. unfortunately, that really hasn’t sunk it in yet.

really sad that he has been reduced to drinking RockStar….

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